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Réf : S06834

Thème : Essais - Constructions - Satellites - Sondes - Fuses  (2314 images)

Titre : In the Space Station Processing Facility

Description : (La description de cette image n'existe qu'en anglais)

(11/10/2000) --- In the Space Station Processing Facility, an overhead crane moves the P6 integrated truss segment to a payload transport canister for transfer to Launch Pad 39B. There it will be placed in Endeavours payload bay for launch on mission STS-97. The P6 comprises Solar Array Wing-3 and the Integrated Electronic Assembly, to be installed on the International Space Station. The Stations electrical power system will use eight photovoltaic solar arrays, each 112 feet long by 39 feet wide, to convert sunlight to electricity. The solar arrays are mounted on a blanket that can be folded like an accordion for delivery. Once in orbit, astronauts will deploy the blankets to their full size. Gimbals will be used to rotate the arrays so that they will face the Sun to provide maximum power to the Space Station. Launch is scheduled Nov. 30 at 10:06 p.m. EST