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Ref : T02561

Theme : Looking at Earth - Plains - Plateaus - Valleys  (487 images)

Title : East Ontario, Canada August 1997

Caption :

East Ontario, Canada August 1997 At this small scale the location of the capital of Canada-Ottawa-in eastern Ontario can be discerned at the junction of three rivers: the dark, broad, winding, Ottawa River; the much narrower Gatineau River (dark, north-south oriented feature); and the Rideau River (thin, dark line that extends southward from Ottawa) in the upper left quadrant of the image. The Rideau River is part of the Rideau Canal Waterway that extends from Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario. The total length of the waterway is 125 miles (202 kilometers). This picture only shows two thirds of this navigable waterway that includes numerous lakes and locks, as well as the Rideau River. One of the runways (light, linear feature) of Ottawa International Airport is discernible along the south side of the urban area. The dark, irregular shaped features west and southwest of Ottawa are numerous glacially formed lakes that are mainly situated within darker uniform-looking heavily forested terrain. The wooded Gatineau Mountains in Quebec are visible north of the Ottawa River. The location of Brockville (Ontario) and Ogdensburg (NY) can be identified (lighter colored area) along the St. Lawrence River (dark, linear feature parallel with the Space Shuttle tail). The elongated, whitish looking, wispy features are jet airplane contrails