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Ref : S14344

Theme : Looking at Earth - Volcanos  (181 images)

Title : Andes Mts., Chile - Bolivia

Caption :

This image in the Andes covers a 60 by 60 km (37 by 37 mile) area along the Chile-Bolivia border, and was acquired April 7, 2000. The visible and infrared data have been computer enhanced to exaggerate the color differences of the different materials. The scene is dominated by the Pampa Luxsar lava complex, occupying the upper right 2/3 of the scene. Lava flows are distributed around remnants of large dissected cones, the largest of which is Cerro Luxsar. On the middle left edge of the image are the Olca and Paruma stratovolcanoes, appearing in blue due to lack of vegetation (red colored on this composite).