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Ref : S06966

Theme : Astronauts - Astronauts training  (1725 images)

Title : As part of InFlight Maintenance training

Caption :

(12/07/2000) -- As part of In-Flight Maintenance training, members of the STS-107 crew check out one of the Biotube experiments that will be part of their research mission. From left (in uniform) are Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon of Israel, Mission Specialists David M. Brown and Kalpana Chawla, Pilot William C. “Willie” McCool (crouching behind the table), Commander Rick D. Husband, and Mission Specialist Laurel Clark. STS-107 will carry the SPACEHAB Double Module in its first research flight into space and a broad collection of experiments ranging from material science to life science. It is scheduled to launch July 19, 2001