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Ref : S07200

Theme : Space Shuttle - General  (1045 images)

Title : Under wispy white morning clouds

Caption :

(01/03/2001) -- Under wispy white morning clouds, Space Shuttle Atlantis approaches Launch Pad 39A, which shows the Rotating Service Structure open (left) and the Fixed Service Structure (right). At the RSS, the payload canister is being lifted up to the Payload Changeout Room. This is the Shuttle’s second attempt at rollout. Jan. 2 a failed computer processor on the crawler transporter aborted the rollout and the Shuttle was returned to the Vehicle Assembly Building using a secondary computer processor on the vehicle. Atlantis will fly on mission STS-98, the seventh construction flight to the International Space Station, carrying the U.S. Laboratory, named Destiny. The lab will have five system racks already installed inside the module. After delivery of electronics in the lab, electrically powered attitude control for Control Moment Gyroscopes will be activated. Atlantis is scheduled for launch no earlier than Jan. 19, 2001, with a crew of five