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Réf : S09402

Thème : Astronautes Entrainement  (1725 images)

Titre : Members of the STS110 crew pose with NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe in front

Description : (La description de cette image n'existe qu'en anglais)

(04/19/2002) -- Members of the STS-110 crew pose with NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe in front of orbiter Atlantis after their return from the International Space Station. Standing left to right are Mission Specialists Rex Walheim and Jerry Ross, Commander Michael Bloomfield, O'Keefe, Pilot Stephen Frick and Mission Specialist Steven Smith. Missing crew members are Mission Specialists Ellen Ochoa and Lee Morin. Atlantis landed on KSC's Shuttle Landing Facility after 171 orbits, completing a 10-day, 19-hour, 4.5-million mile mission. Main gear touchdown was 12:26:57 p.m. EDT, nose gear touchdown was 12:27:09 p.m. and wheel stop was 12:28:07 p.m. The crew delivered and installed the S0 truss, which will support cooling and power systems essential for the addition of future international laboratories, on the Station