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Ref : T02989

Theme : Looking at Earth - Cities  (375 images)

Title : Karachi, Pakistan November 1997

Caption :

Karachi, the largest city and former capital (nearly 10 million people) of Pakistan, is located along the arid southern coast on the Arabian Sea. The central business district of Karachi is located close to the harbor (dark area enclosed by elongated island) where several roads converge (slightly right of center). Some of the road network (thin, dark lines) is discernible throughout different parts of the large metropolitan area. As seen on this image, Karachi is also situated northwest of the Indus River delta (darker land area upper left). The northwest end of the broad deltaic plain consists of a complicated network of meandering tidal channels. This section of the delta is inundated with salt water and sediment (a light colored sediment plume is visible immediately offshore). The small lighter colored tips of land along the shoreline shows the development of sandy beaches and sand dunes.